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  • Jian Song

To ERP or Not to ERP:  A question for Micro & Small LP’s

Are businesses too small for an ERP solution? That is the question many micro and small LP’s are asking themselves. Acquiring an ERP system is a big investment for any size business with the anticipation that it delivers operational value and a competitive advantage.

ERP solutions, such as our ALCannTrace Seed-to-Sale Cannabis Software, cater to small cannabis LP’s to allow their business to operate like an enterprise-scale company. Being that SMEs must be faster and quicker than their competition, no business is too small for an ERP solution.

As a business owner, it makes sense to validate the need for an ERP system as opposed to assuming you need one. So, what is the best way to determine where an ERP system will provide you value and save you money?

We recommend logging the daily activities performed by everyone in your business for a few weeks or a month. Then, review and reflect on which tasks bring value, which activities are time wasters, and how many avoidable issues arise and the time it took to resolve them.  Now that you have identified and validated your needs, focus on these requirements in your search for an ERP solution which best improves your inefficiencies, reduces or eliminates those preventable issues, and will reduce labour or create time for more productive activities.

The last step is to assign a dollar value to your tasks, determine the savings using an ERP system to perform these tasks, and subtract the ERP cost. Then, you will justify that an ERP solution, flexible and suitable to your needs, will deliver operational efficiencies and bottom-line savings along with the bonus of less headaches and stresses.

Contact us for a free checklist to assist your search for a cannabis ERP solution that best suits your needs.


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