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ALCannTrace Brand Colours Line Sept 2020
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We provide License Holders a streamlined & effortless solution to offer a seamless & convenient eCommerce experience for patients.

Our Solution
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Our Solution


 We deliver License Holders a simple, hassle-free solution to provide patients with a smooth & convenient eCommerce experience.

Custom-crafted for Canada's Medical Cannabis realm:  Tailored features that exceed the needs of License Holders and patients

  • Integrated Patient Registration

  • Patient Prescription Limits & Validation

  • Expired Prescription Notifications

  • Provincial Pricing to Manage Excise Tax Variations

  • Real-time & Flat Rate Shipping Options

  • Self-Managed Site Content Management System (CMS)

ALCannTrace Brand Colours Line Sept 2020

Benefits for License Holders

Extended Market Reach:  Using ALCannTrace Medical eCommerce helps expand your market reach beyond your physical location.  Tap into a broader customer base without the limitations of geographical boundaries.


Cost-Effective:  Unlock Profits & Savings; Minimize Startup Costs; Optimize Revenue with a Budget-Friendly Subscription Mode


Efficient Inventory Management:  Streamline your inventory management, empowering you to effortlessly oversee products, inventory and sales; ensuring optimal product availability and choice for your patients. 

Client Management & Data-Driven Insights:  Manage your patients and analyze the data to gain insights into customer behaviour, preferences and purchasing patterns to optimize marketing strategies and tailor your product offerings to best suit patent demand and boost sales.

24/7 Accessibility:  Enhance patient satisfaction with 24/7 accessibility for patents to purchase products at their convenience and capture sales outside of your regular business hours.

ALCannTrace Brand Colours Line Sept 2020

Benefits for Patients

Convenience and Accessibility:  Offering a user-friendly and easily accessible avenue for patients to browse, select, and purchase prescribed products from the convenience of home, providing immense value for patients facing mobility or transportation challenges.

Product Selection:  ALCannTrace enables an expansive range of product choices for patients, empowering them to discover options perfectly tailored to their individual needs and preferences. Patients can efficiently narrow down search results, ensuring a seamless and timely experience.


Educational Resources:  Tailor your product descriptions to assist patients to make informed decisions about the various strains, terpenes, cannabinoid profiles, and medical applications for their treatment options.

Real-Time Product Availability: Patients prefer real-time updates on product availability, helping them avoid disappointment by ensuring that the products they need are in stock before they make a purchase.

Enhanced Privacy and Confidentiality:  Patient confidentiality is a priority, allowing individuals to shop and purchase in confidence that their sensitive data is securely stored and safeguarded against unauthorized access or breaches.

Your Province, Your Price

ALCannTrace Age Gate Delivers

  • Integrate your branding elements:  logos, images, catchphrases

  • Capture your visitor's location for province-specific pricing to enhance value and cost management


Craft, Control and Connect with Your Clients through

Tailored Promotions and Messages

  • Deliver compelling messages directly to your clients, all seamlessly managed through our user-friendly CMS.

  • Announce your latest deals, product launches or special events effortlessly.  Leave no room for missed opportunities.

  • No need for coding or technical expertise.  Our user-friendly CMS empowers you to create and manage promotions effortlessly.  Spend less time worrying about the technical details and more time connecting with our patients.

ALCannTrace Brand Colours Line Sept 2020
Age Gate & Promotions

Popular Products - Elevate Your Top Sellers

  • Manage & showcase your popular products at the top of the main page.  Rotate products in and out of the spotlight to keep your selections fresh and exciting.

  • Maximize the visibility of your discounted items, limited-time offers or seasonal specials.

  • Our user-friendly interface makes it a breeze to manage your popular products so you're in control of your virtual storefront's appearance.

------------------Popular Products-----------------


Added Value with Additional Features

  • Create customized Product Categories and subcategories, including flavours, for streamlined product setup and organization

  • Visitor's and Patient's view Provincial Pricing & Shipping Rates.  The cart and checkout are exclusive to registered patients.

  • Personalize the Footer:  Add your Contact Information and Social Media links.

  • Effortlessly Refine Results:  Use Advanced Filters for quick & precise shopping in just a few clicks.

ALCannTrace Brand Colours Line Sept 2020
Popular Products & Additional Features
ALCannTrace Brand Colours Line Sept 2020

Patient Registration in 3 Effortless Steps

     1.  Simplicity with our Integrated Online Form  

  • Or, add your PDF form for the patient to download and complete.

  • An account will be created and the patient will receive a registration confirmation email with their login credentials.

2.  Effortless Document Upload  

  • Patients have the option to upload their prescription and ID documentation during the registration process or later when they receive their account credentials and log into their account.

  • The documentation can be uploaded and managed in the CMS.


3.  Unlocking Access with Approval & Activation

  • After registration, receipt of the documentation and approval by your team, the account can be activated and the patient is notified that they can login and begin shopping. 

  • Until a patient's account is activation in the CMS, they can not shop.


                                                           Confidential & Secure... Cloud-based with 256bit SSL encryption for maximum channel                                                                   protection between the ALCannTrace™ server and our 

Client Management
ALCannTrace Brand Colours Line Sept 2020

Client Management:  Simplified & Streamlined

  •  Effortlessly Organize:  The CMS streamlines patient registration, documentation and prescription management.

  • Account Empowerment:  Activate or de-activate patient shopping access at will.

  • Timely Alerts:  Automated notifications ensure patients are informed about prescription expiry.

  • Ensuring Compliance:  Set up limits on weight, THC and CBD values.

  • Prescription Control:  Manage patient prescription and ID documentation with ease



ALCannTrace Brand Colours Line Sept 2020

Inventory Management:  Effortless & Efficient

  • Streamlined Control in CMS:  Effortlessly manage inventory within the Content Management System.

  • Comprehensive Product Details:  Add descriptions, assign custom product categories, and input essential details like SKU, Terpenes, Flavours, Aromas, Cultivar, and Cannabinoids.


  • Accurate Shipping Setup:  Define package type, size, and weight for automatic shipping rate calculations.

  • Strategic Provincial Pricing:  Manage Excise Tax variations with pricing per province, ensuring optimal value for clients and profitability for you.

  • Visual Appeal and Selection:  Showcase product images, choosing one as the main image for effective presentation.

  • Highlight as Popular:  Designate products as popular choices to boost visibility.

  • Controlled Visibility:  Choose to instantly display products live or save them for later.

  • Pricing Strategies:  Apply a "Compare at Price" or apply discounts as needed.

  • Effortless Stock Management:  Easily track stock levels and set out-of-stock thresholds to prevent stockouts.

  • Effortless Data Handling:  Export inventory to CSV for simplified management.  Import inventory via CSV, even including image files, into the CMS.

  • Image Integration Made Easy:  Upload images to an FTP server for automatic recognition and setup of product images during CSV import, eliminating manual entry.

  • Smooth Quantity Updates:  Effortlessly update product quantities and out-of-stock limits.

  • Automated Alerts:  Receive notifications for products missing images, streamlining website checks.                                                                                              


ALCannTrace Brand Colours Line Sept 2020

Simplified Shopping Experience:  Secure & Straightforward

  • Easy Access & Selection:  Log in to effortlessly add products to your cart and proceed to checkout.

  • Convenient Order Summary:  Review order with available flat fee or real-time Canada Post shipping options.  Execute secure credit card transactions.


  • Instant Email Notifications:  Receive email confirmation detailing purchase & shipping/tracking information, keeping you informed every step of the way.

Efficient Order Handling:  Seamlessly managed in CMS

  • Centralized Order Monitoring:  View & manage orders conveniently within the CMS.

  • Comprehensive Notifications:  Receive notifications for orders not yet shipped, ensuring timely action.

  • Clear Order Status:  Utilize status indicators for swift identification of paid and shipped orders.

  • Flexible Shipping Rates:  Set up flat rate per province or real-time Canada Post rates for accurate shipping costs.  Offer both flat rate and Canada Post options or choose a single preferred method.

  • Incentivize with Free Shipping:  Implement free shipping for orders above a certain threshold.

  • Enhanced Shipping Details:  Add extra shipping IDs and tracking numbers for precise order tracking.

  • Effortless Shipping Confirmation:  Confirm shipping to trigger automatic notifications to patients, ensuring they know their order is on the way.​​​ 

ALCannTrace Brand Colours Line Sept 2020


Learn more about ALCannTrace

at these events:

  • GrowUp Conference - May 27-29, 2024; Niagara Falls ON

  • GrowUp Conference - Sept.29-Oct. 1, 2024; Edmonton AB

  • Canadian Greenhouse Conference - Oct. 9-10, 2024; Niagara Falls ON

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For more information, contact Larry Kropf at ALCannTrace - ALink Computer Solutions 

Larry Kropf

Director of Marketing

ALink Computer Solutions

ALink Computer Services

ALink Computer Solutions Inc. 

phone: 1-519-457-2575

680 Industrial Road

London, Ontario, Canada  N5V 1V1

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